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How this app can help you?

The PJCO App is free and can be downloaded from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store, simply search for PJCO.

The main strengths of the PJCO App are the fact it allows yourself and us to be in closer contact and provides you useful tools at the press of a button.

Quickly from the main screen in the App you can press the 'Get in Touch' icon. This takes you directly to a page where you can send us a quick message using many different means, email, social media, phone or the App itself. We will quickly see the message and can reply to you.

We can also send you quick and short notification messages much like a pop up of a text message but you simply dismiss it once you have read it. 'Remember to bring your paper work for our meeting' or another example, 'Your tax payment is due on Friday'. These helpful reminder messages will keep you one step ahead and only take seconds to see and dismiss on your mobile or tablet.

The App has quick links to get you to access your QuickBooks Online account in seconds, providing you access to your cloud accounting software at the push of a button. Bring up client invoices, see outstanding payments or even send them a statement whilst out and about.

The mileage tracker lets you easily record your fuel use, saving you the hassle to try and find the details when you need to send over your tax information. The same goes for our income tracker, all these things are to save you time and allow you to focus on more important areas.

There is so much more, quick links to key tax dates, financial news, our blog, tax calculators and whole host of other useful items.

The App is another way we try to support our clients providing them tools and help where we can. We thank you for downloading this App and hope you find it useful if you are a client of ours or not.

Here are the links to download our free app:

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