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Anyone who has income or expenses to declare to HMRC or has received a self assessment tax return already is potentially a “Personal Client”. We deal with a large range of different personal tax clients; people who have more than one employment, rental income, investment income, capital gains, and whole host of other reasons. If HMRC has sent you a letter to complete a self-assessment tax return or you have income that you need to declare then we can help with your tax return.

Many of our private clients come to us because they want expert help and advice regarding a whole range of different issues affecting them:

  • Self-assessment tax return is taking too much time and stress
  • Complicated tax areas such as capital gains and inheritance tax
  • Looking to plan for the future and pensions
  • Desire to be tax efficient and save money now and advice for decisions in the future
  • Want to disclose income they are receiving such as rental income

You may feel your self-assessment tax return is straight forward and if your desire is to simply file the return and you won’t worry about if it is 100% correct or tax efficient then you may not even need an accountant, it is however very easy for tax complications to creep in, investments, shares and rental property for example. Making sure your tax return is tax efficient, correct and submitted on time is not always easy, we know the rules and regulations and can keep you on the right side of those rules.

Advice you may not know

With strict filing deadlines depending upon whether you file a paper tax return or online, and two key dates for paying tax it can all get confusing. Having an accountant at PJCO take the stress and hard work off your hands could be the way forward for you. Have a look at our advice pages for more helpful information and tips.

We will help you with the following main areas and much more:

  • Dealing with HMRC for you, saving you lots of time
  • Preparation of your self-assessment tax return
  • Self-employment
  • Partnership income
  • UK property income
  • Foreign income or gains
  • Capital gains
  • HMRC enquires

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