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All business owners should be considering, and reconsidering, how and when you will sell your business and, of course, how you are going to maximise the return you get when you eventually sell.

Here at PJCO, we recognise that this is a vital part of your WEALTH management and we are constantly devises and improving the systems and processes we have to ensure that you MAXIMISE this opportunity when it finally occurs.

Studies have shown that with careful planning, the returns made on the sale of your business can be INCREASED significantly by:

  • Effective Sales Planning
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Effective Tax Planning

Whilst we pride ourselves on providing Effective Tax Planning, we realise that we must forge partnerships with fellow professional EXPERTS and have therefore considered "BCMS Corporate" to partner us through the Sales Process.

BCMS are one of the the most successful M&A firm in the UK selling one UK private business every 4 working days. Over 20 years their average sale value achieved is 40% above traditional valuations.

We are in the process of completing our due diligence on the firm, however if you want to get going on the road to A SUCESSFUL Sales of your company, why don't we

Either; attend the next BCMS seminar together,

Or.. as a Strategic partner our firm can arrange a totally free business evaluation consultation. Let's invite a consultant here (or let's take a trip together to the BCMS HQ) and go through the consultation experience. We will discover together how saleable your business is and we can then reflect on the possibility together afterwards.

Discover how saleable your business could be and find how quickly it might sell … in a free one-to-one consultation

As a business owner or shareholder, changing your future is often dependant on selling your business. Changing your future can take a number of forms, but most commonly it is because you want to make a new start, to change your work/life balance, to spend more time with your family or simply to have more time for yourself.

If you run a business and Monday mornings don't feel the same anymore. If you have had enough of ten-hour working days and Saturdays all but disappear…then now is the time to seriously think about selling all or part of your business.

One client waited for years to get membership of a prestigious golf club. 18 months later he hadn't even played a round of golf. He knew he needed to change something

How Do You Want To Spend Your future?

Has your business become 'all consuming'? Perhaps you feel 'money rich – time poor'? Are you really enjoying running your business or are there many other things you'd prefer to do?

Wake up to the reality that selling your business can allow you the freedom to do whatever you wish, from spending time with friends and family to embarking on a whole new idea or business.

Of course you will have many questions in your mind, not least will be 'How can I ensure I maximise the value when I sell, and is my company saleable?

So here's an invitation to you from PJCO.

A free business evaluation meeting with our partner BCMS to find out more

Call 01273 441187 or E mail peter@peterjarman.com



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