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Can I claim for an office in the garden? What you need to know!

We are often asked about the tax consequences of building a garden office or outbuilding from which work can be carried out. As an alternative to converting a garage or loft to use as a home office, ready made garden structures are becoming trendy and popular. There are a number of factors to consider including[...] Read more »

Do you want tax free presents this Christmas!? 4 Tips for how to do it with your limited company

Here at Peter Jarman + Company we are always on the lookout for ways to help our clients. Peter the managing partner of the firm found out this little gem and wrote the following blog about it, I hope you find it useful and gets you in the Christmas spirit early. Tax free gifts this Christmas![...] Read more »

A brief history of Tax

Taxation remains an important aspect of national life, with direct taxes levied on income and profit and indirect taxes applied to services and goods, but how has taxation changed over time? The amount of money collected from taxes was highly dependent on the scale of public spending. In the latter years of the 17th century[...] Read more »

Strengthening Tax avoidance sanctions & deterrents

HMRC have issued a consultation document in a further attempt to control the use of tax avoidance schemes. I tend to agree with John Cullinane, Tax Policy Director of the Chartered Institute of Taxation who said: “This is the latest in a series of measures cracking down on those who profit from tax avoidance schemes.[...] Read more »

Tax Changes for Landlords of Rented Residential Accommodation

Tax Changes for Landlords of Rented Residential Accommodation In this summer’s budget the Chancellor announced a number of tax changes aimed at the buy-to-let housing sector. The first of these changes relates to the wear and tear allowances. Currently 10% (broadly) of rental income can be claimed as a tax deductible allowance for furnished residential[...] Read more »

Student Finance – The Facts!

Student Finance – The Facts! There has been a lot of press recently about how much Universities can charge and some of our clients with children thinking of going had some questions. We got our latest ACCA student to do some some research and provide useful facts and a guide that could help. Find out[...] Read more »

Performers Expenses and Self-assessment Guide for UK Tax

Guide for Performers to Expenses and Self-assessment in the UK We have a wide range of different clients and are used to getting questions regarding claiming for fuel or office expenses but we also get some strange questions for what can be claimed for as an expense. Our clients in the performance arts sector try[...] Read more »

Summer Budget – low Salary/Dividend Director Shareholders

Low salary/Dividend Director shareholders affected by the Budget The announcements in the Summer Budget will have an impact on director/shareholders particularly in one-man companies from April 2016. Dividend tax credit to be removed For many years dividends have come with a 10% tax credit which means that there’s no additional personal tax to pay on[...] Read more »

HMRC Self Assessment Tax Return Penalties!

HMRC Self Assessment Tax Return Penalties! Don’t Pay Extra! If you did not file your 2013/2014 by the 31st of January 2015 then you will have already faced a £100 bill. What you might not know is that you could face hundreds of pounds or more if you don’t file it soon. £900!! If you[...] Read more »

Don’t Fall off the Google Search list

Intro For the people that don’t know, Google and similar search engines run on algorithms that decide what order Websites are displayed after a search is done. These algorithms decide if your Website is on page 1 or 100 of the search list. Google and other search engines send out bots that scan your Website[...] Read more »



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